"Mishka na Poluse", familiar from childhood!

Autumn has come already… but do not to be sad my friend!

During the last month of the summer, “Shin Line” company pleased the market with the new product and took us back to the childhood with only one piece of the ice cream call “Mishka na poluse”.

Together with the client, media and creative agencies and our resources, we launched the advertising campaign of the new product. For the first time we “packed” the Citylight MUPI as well as made it alive. If you do not trust us, you can check it out by yourself. Walk aside these ice creams and experience it!

Client: Shin-Line LLP
Media Agency: ARBAT Advertising LLP
Campaign: Mishka na Poluse
Operator: RTS Decaux



An estimated 1,3 million people are killed each year on the roads worldwide and 50 million injured. That corresponds more than 3,000 fatalities every day, including 500 children: an unacceptable human, economic and social cost for our societies.

SNICKERS DARK - Some things should be black

SNICKERS DARK - Some things should be black

May has many holidays and weekends, but also new products on FMCG market. MARS Company has launched a brand new limited chocolate bar “SNICKERS DARK”.

Commercial terms changes during June - September

Dear partners,

Due to high level of activity during the summer period, we kindly ask everybody to confirm campaigns for June – September. You can confirm bookings either by a signed contract, or by a signed proposal.

We need to get these confirmations by the 31st of May. Afterwards, our company may reconsider terms and discounts for unconfirmed projects.

This claim does not cover full year bookings. Such bookings will have earlier validated terms.

We appreciate your understanding,

Sales team

It is impossible to come off! Cini Minis ®!

It is impossible to come off! Cini Minis ®!

In February, Nestle Company introduced a novelty in the world of breakfasts –brand new cereal flakes with crispy cinnamon flavor Cini Minis ®.

Colorful and attractive posters were placed on 60 citylight faces in Almaty.

Purpose of the campaign: to present the new product to the audience.

Creative task: to show attractive and crazy staff (characters) of Cini Minis ®, looking at which you can receive a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day!

Breakfast with Cini Minis ® promises to be not only fast and delicious, but also good for your health, because it contains a magic ingredient - cinnamon, which helps you to remember everything, enhance vision and be on our toes!

Standard posters on MUPIs: