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Искушение красотой от Пиала Gold

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Magic is already near! Coca-Cola presents Christmas gifts !!!

The goal of advertising campaign: to share the New Year magic and to convey for citizens the new yearNew Year mood.

Creative task: to create the magic sphere transferring the magic to people around and immersing them into the magic world of a holiday.

For our company has been put very difficult task, but with perseverance we started the project, and as a result, we have created a magical world of the New Year holiday on two bus shelters and four MUPIMYUPI in Almaty.

During the production of non-standard decisions for the first timetime, our Company implemented :implemented:

  • The show-case imitating the "Snow Globe" with 3D- effect (used several layers of snow, the city, the mountains and the clouds which give the volume of the total composition)

  • Dynamic action (the clinking bottles of Coca-Cola)

Bus shelters:


Get ready for the New Year holidays with NESCAFE®Classic !

The image advertising campaign of the legendary brand as NESCAFE®Classic brings the New Year spirit to the streets of our city once again.

In December 2016, the citizens witnessed the extraordinary approach in outdoor advertising.In order to achieve a great coverage of the main streets, the client used RTSDecaux’s formats and instruments such as packages in Almaty (60 faces) and Astana (30 faces).

Standard advertisement on bus shelter:



The goal of advertising campaign: to inform as much people as possible about new worldwide brand.

In 8th of March on Kabanbay St. 26 in Astana city grand opening of the first McDonald's restaurant network was made. Today in more than 36 000 McDonald's restaurants in 120 countries 1.7 mln. people are working, who serve more than 60 mln. people everyday.

There were used European formats of street furniture, scroller billboards (Seniors) and flagpolles.

Cityboards help to cover main traffic flaws and flagpolles help to save the image.


Resourceful cat will find FELIX!

The goal of advertisement campaign: to introduce customers with the hero Felix and his cat food FELIX appetizing pieces.

Creative task: to show cat's naughty character and invite consumers to his naughty world with the help of special interactions and simple memorable visual on a perfectly managed street furniture formats.

RTS Decaux decided to impress citizens of Almaty city with unusual solutions on outdoor advertisements. Bright and laconic posters were placed on 60 faces of citylights, which provided full coverage of the main streets of the city. Also the "cherry on top of the cake" are branded Mupi and bus stops.
During whole March Almaty citizens can see our hero on city streets: white and black cat Felix literally "breaks" the cityboard for the portion of FELIX cat food.
Naughty cat Felix will do everything for taking these favorite yummy FELIX appetizing pieces...
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