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NESCAFÉ® Classic - coffee starts with the best grains!

The purpose of the advertising campaign is to inform the consumer that the favorite coffee is 100% natural and is made from real grains.

Coffee trees have evergreen leaves and brightly colored fruits of red color. After the coffee beans ripen, the crop is collected and sent to the processing, as a result of which the solid coffee beans are separated from the pulp and shell. NESCAFÉ® Classic is produced from the best quality grains.

For the uniform coverage of the city, we used citylight networks (60 faces in Almaty and 30 faces in Astana).


International Festival “Children are painting the World. Asia” under the auspice of UNESCO

The International Festival “Children are painting the World. Asia” under the auspice of UNESCO were held in the year of the 1000th Anniversary of Almaty City. It covered more than 7000 children aged 3-17 from countries of the Asia Pacific region.

Talented youth from China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries demonstrated their vision of the intercultural dialogue and tolerance. The Festival became a friendship bridge between growing generation of the region by uniting children from different countries but with similar interests in keeping peace and promotion tolerance around the world.

This initiative found a broad support from the representatives of business community, including our company. As continuation of the Festival paintings of the finalists of “Children are painting the World. Asia” project are embellishing the streets of Almaty.



Early booking is available now!

Dear partners,


We are happy to share great news with you. Starting from today, Kazakhstani office deployed fully international JCDecaux’s booking system.



Temptation of Beauty from Пиала Gold

Temptation of Beauty from Пиала Gold

In December, the advertising campaign of Пиала Gold was realized on non-standard constructions of RTS Decaux – Elephants which made a special emphasis on the concept of a new brand positioning including changes in the package which was placed on the left part.

The Lady - face of the brand, embodying the idea of ​​the perfect cup of tea which she holds with an unique aroma and rich taste, was located on the right part of the construction. A particular advantage of the Пиала Gold tea which was communicated on the visuals – is an unique reddish color infusion which beauty is comparable to the brightest gem - ruby.

Non-standard placement on Elephant:


Magic is already near! Coca-Cola presents Christmas gifts !!!

The goal of advertising campaign: to share the New Year magic and to convey for citizens the new yearNew Year mood.

Creative task: to create the magic sphere transferring the magic to people around and immersing them into the magic world of a holiday.

For our company has been put very difficult task, but with perseverance we started the project, and as a result, we have created a magical world of the New Year holiday on two bus shelters and four MUPIMYUPI in Almaty.

During the production of non-standard decisions for the first timetime, our Company implemented :implemented:

  • The show-case imitating the "Snow Globe" with 3D- effect (used several layers of snow, the city, the mountains and the clouds which give the volume of the total composition)

  • Dynamic action (the clinking bottles of Coca-Cola)

Bus shelters:

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