News Campaigns Salem!


The goal of advertising campaign: to inform as much people as possible about new worldwide brand.

In 8th of March on Kabanbay St. 26 in Astana city grand opening of the first McDonald's restaurant network was made. Today in more than 36 000 McDonald's restaurants in 120 countries 1.7 mln. people are working, who serve more than 60 mln. people everyday.

There were used European formats of street furniture, scroller billboards (Seniors) and flagpolles.

Cityboards help to cover main traffic flaws and flagpolles help to save the image.


Well organised adress program gives an apportunity to work with target audience, especially covers flows between old and new city centers.

Client: Food Solutions KZ

Project: McDonald's

Media agency: OM Group Kazakhstan

Operator: RTS Decaux