"What is this world worth? Big companies? Business? Banks? Someone will say, for the money. As they say, money rules the world. No, not money build high-rise buildings, not on money our city grew, in itself money never and created nothing. Only people give them meaning and value. For us, people always come first. Alliance Bank – Bank for the people".
It was with this message that the new advertising campaign of the United ForteBank was published on April 1, 2015.

RTS Decaux offered the Bank several solutions for the placement of new positioning.

To reach the target audience of ForteBank, the following communication channels were selected in Almaty:

 *Linear placement on al-Farabi street and on the Eastern bypass road (EBR);
*Accommodation in the city package from Citylights;
*Scrollers (Seniors);
*Non-standard design of bus shelters with light logos on the back wall.

  • The effect of repetition, coverage of one of the most passable and significant streets of the city, the use of non - standard design of bus shelters-all this allowed in a short time to convey to the target audience a new advertising campaign of the Bank and make it recognizable.