Goal of the advertising campaign: to inform the consumers in one month that it is possible not only to take pleasure in taste of Lipton Ice Tea drink and to share a cool with the friend, but also to win the modern bicycle.

Creative task: to bring freshness to the audience in creative way

It seems like hot July has been working at full capacity, indicators of thermometers have passed the level of 30 and already have come nearer to 40. Each of us uses various ways to hide from such heat. There are a lot of them, whether it is the conditioner, a cool shower or something else, but one of the most original ways has been offered to the citizens by Lipton Ice Tea with the advertising campaign "The freshness in the air".

Within this campaign any citizen of our city can share coolness in a hot day, having left a small bottle of Lipton Ice Tea in the air for friends, and to take part in draw of the stylish city bicycle.

To promote the idea of this advertising campaign it was decided to use formats of street furniture, such as a network package of Citylights and Seniors (Skrollers).

To emphasize the advertising campaign, some designs were designed in a special non-standard way.

The branded Mupi

The branded Bus Stop with water dispersion (press the button and receive a cool charge)
Admirers of Lipton Ice Tea appreciate a brand not only for freshness and the drive, but also for its excellent taste!