In February, Nestle Company introduced a novelty in the world of breakfasts –brand new cereal flakes with crispy cinnamon flavor Cini Minis ®.
 Purpose of the campaign: to present the new product to the audience.
Colorful and attractive posters were placed on 60 citylight faces in Almaty.

Creative task: to show attractive and crazy staff (characters) of Cini Minis ®, looking at which you can receive a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day!

Breakfast with Cini Minis ® promises to be not only fast and delicious, but also good for your health, because it contains a magic ingredient - cinnamon, which helps you to remember everything, enhance vision and be on our toes!
Standard posters on MUPI:

Customer: “Nestle Food” Kazakhstan LLP
Brand: “Cini.Minis - ready breakfast"
Design development: “McCann Erickson Kazakhstan
Accommodation: “RTS Decaux”